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No one knows when or from where, Lou Zero simply arrived, and is here to stay, to express what comes from within, with no pretense other than to share his musical messages, positive messages, vital messages, sincere messages wrapped in music that he creates from scratch, influenced by the beautiful and mysterious experience of simply being and feeling alive, poetic messages received during dreams, received during trances, during expanded states of consciousness in power plant ceremonies, messages received at any time of day or night while being with his family and friends, when time, without really knowing why, simply stops.

Lou Zero creates his tracks with his nylon string guitar, using chord progressions inspired by traditional styles, then he spices them up with some electronic rhythms and sings along the positive and vital lyrics that he composes himself. It's like combining a traditional Latin vibe with thick 808 beats used in Hip hop/Trap, reggae style bass lines and all mixed with a psychedelic punk attitude to create a unique musical cocktail!

Lou Zero is his own artistic expression based directly on the magical ephemeral experience of the human being!


Experience Lou Zero!


Live Lou Zero!

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